1.2. Registering an organization in the EPS

To use the E-tender subsystem, those users who are not registered in the EPS should do the following:

  • Register in the EPS,

  • Arrange organization’s data, i.e., create users and assign roles for working with the e-tender subsystem.

To register into the system, the supplier must fill in and submit the following to the State Regional Development Agency:

  • Filled in registration blank of the participant;

  • Filled in participant's administrator's authorization blank.

The registration templates can be found in the EPS homepage, Registration information section: Registration blanks.

The filled out templates are then submitted to the State Regional Development Agency (further referred to as SRDA). It is possible to submit a template:

  • In print,

  • Electronically, with a secure e-signature, by sending the electronic document to the email address: pasts@vraa.gov.lv.

After receiving the registration documents, SRDA responsible persons register the organization as an EPS system’s member and create a user with an assigned role Supplier administrator. The Supplier administrator receives an e-mail with the system’s access data – a username, password and a code card.

Registration in the EPS system

The EPS member’s application for registration is signed by the supplier’s authorized representative. The supplier administrator’s power of attorney is signed by the supplier’s authorized representative and the responsible administrator.

Non-authorized EPS users

Registration templates

Supplier’s administrator