5.2. Submitting application to join DPS

If the procurement’s status is Announced with which the Dynamic Procurement System is created, then the submission of applications shall be performed the same way as in any other procurement.

In our demonstration, we will look at the situation of how to submit an application for inclusion in already established and working DPS.

  • Find the DPS procurement you are interested in.

  • At the bottom of the section Basic data click on the image107.png button.

  • This opens a popup window Create proposal and select procurement lots, in which you specify the main responsible person, and if the DPS is divided into lots, then specify those lots for which you submit your application.

  • Click on the button image109.png .

  • In the section Pretender, enter the details of the Person association and Subcontractors, if applicable.

To add one or more files to the application:

  • in the expandable block Information about the pretender and person association of the section Pretender, click on the hyperlink image110.png ;

  • this opens the document form in which you click on the image111.png button, locate the file you want to add and click on the button Open. If necessary, you can attach several documents in this way.

  • If you want to save DPS application and have it not yet submitted, click on the image112.png button. If all data has been entered correctly and you want to submit the DPS application, click on the button image113.png .

After submitting the DPS application, refresh the screen form by clicking F5 key on the keyboard.

As you can see in the expandable block Proposal of the section Pretender, the status is now image114.png .

In turn, information about the submitted application can be seen in the expandable block DPS applications of the Documents section.

If you need to download the attached file, click on the image115.png icon.

Submitting application to join DPS

The button Save and Send (System signature) is only available to the user with the role Supplier’s authorized signatory.

DPS application document

Join to DPS