3.12. Working with templates

If the procurement requirement specifies the addition of a template file issued by the contracting authority, then do the following:

  • First, download the template.

  • Then, enter the required data.

  • Lastly, add (upload) the filled-out template file to the requirement data.

To download a template issued by the contracting authority:

  • Open the chosen requirement data entry form, go to the end of the row and click on image54.png .

  • In the popup window Proposal input, go to the expandable block Explanatory documents and attachments, and click on the download button image65.png .~ image66.png

  • In the popup window File download, click on the template’s name or, if there are several templates, click on the button Download all files (.zip).~ image67.png

After downloading the template, save the requirement data entry form as a draft by clicking on the button Save as draft. Then, locate the downloaded file on your computer, open it and enter the required data. The filled-out template file can be uploaded in the same way as previously.

Working with templates

Files that are downloaded through a browser are usually saved in the Downloads folder by default.


Save as a draft