1.3. Preparing an organization’s profile

The EPS registered organization administrator arranges their company data for working with the e-tender subsystem:

  • Assigns new roles to users already registered in the system which permits them to work in the e-tender subsystem;

  • Registers new users and assigns roles to them.

There are three user roles in the e-tender subsystem:

Supplier’s authorized signatory – an organization’s authorized signatory or a person who is authorized to sign a proposal in the economic operator’s name in the EPS e-tender subsystem,

Supplier’s proposal preparer a person who performs actions in the e-tender subsystem to prepare the economic operator’s proposal and save as completed in the system;

Supplier’s supervisor – a person who registers in the e-tender subsystem as the receiver of the respective procurement regulation and selects the responsible persons to submit a proposal for the respective procurement.

To assign a role for working with the e-tender subsystem to a user already registered in the EPS:

  • Open the section Users.

  • In the user list, find a username and click on it. ~ image3.png

  • A data entry form opens in the page. In the section User roles, select the choice box next to a role – this defines what the user will be able to do within the e-tender subsystem.~ image4.png

  • After saving these changes, the user receives an e-mail with the system’s access data.

If the Supplier’s administrator will work as a user with a different role, then it is necessary to save the changes, log out of the system and log back in.

If a user is not yet registered in the system, then it is necessary to create a new user and assign roles for work in the e-tender subsystem by going to the Users section and clicking on the button: image5.png

Role assignment process

To authorize with a smart card, you must be registered with the Population Register of Latvia.

If you are a foreign supplier, leave the field Pesonal code empty.

Supplier’s authorized signatory

Supplier’s proposal preparer

Supplier’s supervisor