3.8. General information on procurement requirements

A proposal can be prepared in two ways:

  • Proposal preparation within the system – an easy, user-friendly way of preparing a proposal by filling out a template form according to the requirements of the contracting authority. The user defines requirements for selection of candidates, technical and financial requirements. If the procurement is divided in lots, the default requirement data must be specified for each lot.

  • Proposal preparation outside the system – a complicated process requiring technical knowledge of PDF forms. In this case, use the section’s Lots expandable block Proposal preparation outside the system.

The procurement requirements are displayed in the project’s section Lots, where the proposal data is filled out. If the procurement consists of several lots, choose its name in the field Proposal for procurement lot to view the requirements.~ image52.png

The proposals are arranged in consequent expandable blocks for users’ convenience.

In the section Lots, the procurement requirements are arranged in the following order:

  • Selection requirements,

  • Technical requirements,

  • Financial requirements,

  • Other requirements.

When opening the section Lots, the requirements are already expanded. You may start by filling out any of the requirements.

Viewing procurement requirements

If you decide to fill out the requirement data in the system, the expandable block Proposal preparation outside the system does not need to be used.

Section Lots

Procurement requirements