3.11. Accessing FTP and uploading proposal documents

If it is necessary to attach any large files to the proposal, such as estimates, drawings or projects, then:

  • first, upload the file to an FTP server;

  • then, link the relevant system form from the corresponding FTP server site where the file was saved.

Open the upload software (in our example we will be using free software WinSCP).

Connect to the FTP server by indicating the required data:

  • File protocol – FTP;

  • Encryption – TLS/SSL Explicit encryption;

  • enter the host name;

  • make sure that port 21 is selected;

  • enter your EPS e-tender subsystem username and password;

  • click on the button Login.

The connection window opens. After a successful connecting process, the left side of the open window will show your computer's folder and file system, and the right side will show the FTP server environment.

Perform the upload transaction.

  • Click on the image56.png button on the left and select the folder where the documents are located that need to uploaded. The files in the selected folder are displayed in a list on the left.

  • On the right, find the folder named image57.png and double-click on its name.

  • On the left, mark the files for upload and click on the image58.png button.

  • In the popup window click on the image59.png button.

You can also upload a file by dragging it click on the file and without relesing the left mouse button drag the file to the FTP server side; then release the left mouse button and the file will be uploaded.

After a successful uploading process, the files are saved in the folder specified by the FTP server.

Once the files have been uploaded to the FTP server, they can be attached to the proposal.

Open the appropriate proposal’s project and the section where you want to attach the large document. For example, let's add a document to the expandable block Technical requirements of the section Lots.

  • Click on the image60.png icon on the right side of a requirement line.

  • In the expandable block Proposal documents of the popup window Proposal input click on the image61.png icon.

  • This opens the window Document maintenance, where you enter the name of document in the Name field.

  • Click on the image62.png button in the expandable block Files.

  • This opens the window File selection from the repository, where you click on the document you want to attach, and then click on the image63.png button. After adding the document, click on the image64.png button.

  • Save the requirement as completed.

Accessing FTP and uploading proposal documents

If it is necessary to attach any large files, it must first be saved to the FTP server.

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