4.3. Proposal signing

After checking the proposal, signing must be initiated. This action can only be performed by a person with the role Supplier’s authorized signatory in the e-tender subsystem.

To sign a proposal:

  • Open the checked proposal and go the section Submission.

  • In the expandable block Proposal submission for the selected pretender’s lot click on the button image86.png

  • In the popup window The choice of the applicant's share of the submission of a tender select the lots to be signed by clicking on them.

  • Click on the button image87.png .

  • After this action, the status of the proposal and its lots is changed to Initiated signing.

  • If you are the supplier’s authorized signatory, you can continue working - click on the button image88.png at the bottom of the form. If the specified proposal signatory is a different person, then the proposal can be signed only by them.

  • The proposal’s status is changed to Signed image89.png and the status of its lots is also changed to Signed.


Signing a proposal

If the proposal summary file (.zip) has not been created, as indicated by the system notice, press the Sign proposal button again.

Signing a proposal